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The School Shop Savings Card

The School Shop Savings Card will now be added to our Christmas Savings Card programme automatically, meaning if you are an existing customer you will now receive your bonus in November 2023. Your balance is not locked to the School Shop Savings Card and you can continue to use your gift card in-store and online.

How does it work?

The School Savings Card bonus reward will be applied in November 2023 inline with our Christmas Savings Card programme.

If you already have a School Savings Card don’t worry you can continue to use it, the bonus reward will now be applied 12/11/2023.

What rewards are there?

All of our rewards are bonuses loaded onto your card and will now be awarded in November 2023.

Here’s the rewards breakdown:

Savings on card Bonus reward
£30 - £79 £1
£80 - £129 £3
£130 - £179 £6
£180 - £229 £9
£230 - £279 £12
£280+ £15

Where can I spend my savings and bonus?

You can also use your card in-store and on Asda Groceries online or get great deals on kids clothing from the George School Shop.

Frequently Asked Questions