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The School Shop Savings Card

Save for the new year and earn a free bonus! Between uniforms, shoes, PE kits and stationery, the cost of a new term can really pile up - plan ahead and be ready for whatever your child needs this Autumn.

No nasty new school year bills

Top up your card automatically throughout the year and you’ll be ready for whatever your child needs. Something come up mid term? You can use the card anytime!

Get rewarded for saving

Have even more to spend when school starts again. We’ll give you a cash bonus (up to £15) depending on how much you saved. Find out more about the bonus below.

Shop with George for great value uniforms

Use your card in-store or online and enjoy everything that George has to offer. Get great prices on kids clothing, sports equipment, essentials, and more!

school shop savings card

Asda School Shop Savings Card £5-£100

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How does it work?

To get started, order a card online or pick one up in-store. You can top up the card whenever suits you, be it every few weeks, every month, or just whenever you fancy. We recommend setting up automatic recurring payments, then you don’t have to worry about remembering to save.

Do this throughout the school year and the money will be there whenever you need it. If you have a minimum of £30 on your card by 08/08/2021 we’ll give you a bonus for free!

You can spend the balance on your savings card in-store or online.

What rewards are there?

All of our rewards are cash bonuses, which are awarded each year in August.

For this year, the bonus cut-off date is 5pm on 08/08/2021 - make sure you’ve got enough on your card by then to qualify! The bonus will be applied to your card by 8am on 09/08/2021.

The more you save, the better the bonus. Here’s a full breakdown:

Savings on card Bonus reward
£30 - £79 £1
£80 - £129 £3
£130 - £179 £6
£180 - £229 £9
£230 - £279 £12
£280+ £15

Where can I spend my savings and bonus?

Use your balance on the George School Shop to get great deals on kids clothing. You can also use your card in-store and on Asda Groceries online.

How can I add money?

You can either top up online at or in-store. To do so online, make sure you’re registered and have added your School Shop Savings Card to your account. Once you’ve logged in you’ll see a ‘top-up’ option next to your card. Just follow the instructions on screen and you’ll be topped up in minutes. You can do a one-off top up or set up a regular payment - the choice is yours.

You can top up your card in-store at any checkout (including Self-Scan and Scan & Go) or at a Customer Service Desk. Don’t forget to have either your savings card or your key fob with you (we’ll send you one when you purchase a card).

school shop savings card

Asda School Shop Savings Card £5-£100

Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions