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Asda Pharmacy Shopping Card

Our Pharmacy Shopping card uses Asda e-gift card technology. You can use this to provide a volunteer with funds for them to spend at any Asda Pharmacy. These funds can be used for any Pharmacy purchase, to pay for NHS prescriptions charge(s), or for any service which may attract a fee. This avoids the need to give volunteers cash or give them your card details. 

Information for people who are struggling to get shopping – England only (NHS Responders) If you are struggling to get your shopping, or are worried about how someone else will cope over the coming months the NHS Volunteer Responders may be able to help.

NHS Volunteer Responders can help anyone who lives in England and who needs to self-isolate for any reason or who choose to stay at home as much as possible because they are cautious about going out during the coronavirus outbreak. To arrange support for yourself or someone you know call 0808 196 3646 (8am to 8pm, 7 days a week). More information about the help that can be provided is also available on this dedicated website –

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